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Feb 21, 2009

become a famous latin but date a beautiful latin first

Dating a beautiful latin man or woman is something you might be interested before you become a famous latin in the united states. I found this dating site for latins.

Maybe you can wear your 7 for all mankind jeans in your profile photos to really make a strong impact.

Feb 14, 2009

how to fit into 7 jeans when you gained to much weight

7 for all mankind jeans look fantastic on celebrities, and they look pretty good on us to, that is when we can fit into them. What do you do if you spent a great deal of money on your 7 for all mankind jeans and they don't fit?

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7 jeans and other updates by rob tencer

In the beginning of february 2009, 3 of my websites were hacked into and deleted. I am trying to rewrite the 3 that are gone, and thus far I have put back only 1 of them.

I am trying to update them and make them look better than before. I have also changed servers and hosts and IP addresses.

The problem was not so much me personally, but the hosting company I had the sites on for the past 3 years.

As soon as the 3 sites are back up completely, I promise to work on celebrities love 7 jeans and continue helping latin teens become famous.

Rob Tencer