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Jul 11, 2007

Vida Guerra Hurts Her Career To Become A Famous Latina In The USA

In one of my blogs I tried to find out how Vida Guerra became a famous Latina in the USA. See My blog here

I felt that she leaked a story about someone hacking into her cell phone, and sharing nude photos of herself. It was around the same time as Paris Hilton’s leaked peek into her mobile phone contact list and photos.

Paris’s photos also contained nude pictures, but not as graphic as Vida’s

Many people reported on Vida’s leak, and one blog wrote that she finally admitted to leaking her photos to help her career. See an excerpt from that blog here:

Vida Guerra pictures: cell phone hack or hoax?

Has a singer’s career ever been hurt by a few naked photographs?

The answer is yes- Vida Guerra.

A Cuban American model, Vida Guerra is most famous for having the ass J Lo wants everyone to think she has. Much like Lopez, who got her start in a Janet Jackson music video; Guerra is a regular fixture in Hip Hop, having appeared in such videos as Nelly’s “Shake Your Tailfeather” and Kanye’s “Workout Plan”; like Lopez she’s trying to evolve from eye candy to singer; though hopefully the comparison ends at that whole Jennifer Lopez Sedu hairstyles thing.

Anyway, way back in 2005, right around the time her debut album was going to drop, someone hacked into her T Mobile Sidekick and posted naked photos from her phone all over the internet. It looked to be really embarrassing; this wasn’t just the Maxim level titillation of the Antonella Barba photos, these pictures seemed to show every square inch of her from every conceivable angle. I’m not sure her gynecologist has seen that much.

Guerra admitted that the partially clothed ones were of her, but claimed the close up nudes were of another model. There was only one problem with this theory, her tell-tale tattoo. Her record label boss, Flash Rodriguez of Flash Records took one look at those photos; saw the abdominal tat and familiar fingernails on the nude body Vida was claiming wasn’t hers, and called her on it.

Rodriguez claims that at this point Guerra admitted to staging the whole “hack” as a publicity stunt for her album, and he ended up dropping her from his label.

While Vida Guerra continues to have a successful career as a model, two years later, she still hasn’t managed to get her debut album out.

As for the naked photos, she continues to claim they weren’t her; even going so far as to claim when she posed nude in the July 2006 Playboy, she was doing it in part to show people what she really looked like naked. To see the rest of cell phone photos, you can click here. The Playboy spread can be found here.”

End of the blog excerpt

Please don’t use this technique, and please don’t leak a sex tape either. You will never have the same respect and stature as Selm Hayek or Penelope Cruz if you do this.

Here is how to contact Vida Guerra:

It Girl Public Relations

Juliette Harris – publicist

5301 Beethoven Street, Suite 220
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone: 310-577-1122
Fax: 310-577-1096

Greenberg Taurig

Legal Representative

2450 Colorado Ave.
Suite 400E

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 310-586-7722
Fax: 310-586-7800

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